Lamar Jackson on Ravens’ passing game: “It’s going to come to us”

The Ravens’ passing game has not been effective this season, ranking 25th in net yards per attempt and 31st in yards per game. But quarterback Lamar Jackson isn’t worried.

Jackson said today that he thinks there’s an adjustment period early in the season, and that he’ll be able to pass the ball effectively when he needs to.

“We’re still working on it with young guys who just came in. We’re just finding ourselves right now. We’re good, I feel like we’re going to be good,” Jackson said. “It’s going to come to us. We’re going to do better.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh acknowledged that there have been ups and downs with the Ravens’ passing game.

“It will play out differently from week to week but I also think it’s something we need to continue to look at,” Harbaugh said.

Jackson has been fine this season, but he is not playing at the MVP level of a year ago. Getting Jackson back to MVP form would got a long way toward getting the Ravens to the Super Bowl.